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Compassion Acts - Compassion and Justice

A View From My Chair Prayer Storm

Compassion & Justice

By Mark Roye


With James Goll

February 22nd, 2012
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From the Desk of James W. Goll and Mark Roye,

I (James Goll) remember when I took my first trip to Thailand and Cambodia. My life was wrecked! I called out a lady in a meeting in Bangkok and told her she had an anointing like that of Mother Theresa - She would go to the trash heaps of life and call forth treasures out of darkness. I later found out that she was a leader of a small group that rescued young girls from the sex trade industry and the word greatly impacted her life. My eyes were opened to a world I did not know even existed at the time.

My late wife, Michal Ann, had great impact in Thailand and always wanted to return. She told Patricia King, that when she got well, they would minister there together. Mark Roye has just been on his first mission trip there with Patricia King - a great woman of courage - and his life was wrecked as well. He and Mike Lynch are departing any day now to work with XP Missions to help prepare the way for the building of the second Dreamer’s Park in memory of Michal Ann.

We need your assistance to build this next Dreamer’s Park. We are also in need of new monthly partners for Compassion Acts. So please consider us in your prayers, giving, and relational support. You will love this month’s Compassion Acts MP3 message by Patricia King on "The Value of a Child". We posted it once before, but we just felt it needed to be posted again! We send these tools free to you as tokens of saying “thanks for standing with us” at the combined ministries of Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • Compassion Acts!

With Compassion that Takes Action!

James W. Goll and Mark Roye

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CA Update – February 2012
Compassion & Justice

By Mark Roye

M. Rodgers M. Rodgers

My life will never be the same after my recent trip to Poi Pet, Cambodia. In January, my good friend Mike Lynch and I went to Poi Pet to take part in a series of meetings and a tour with church and business leaders from all over the world, led by Patricia King of XP Missions. The purpose of the trip was to show us the work that is being done there with Cambodia Hope Organization. They are a fantastic organization on the front lines of stopping the trafficking of children into Thailand for the thriving sex trade and forced labor business. It is really

hard to wrap your mind around the concept of modern day slavery in the world we live in today, but it is a reality for millions of children, women and men in the world. Injustice is something that is very real.

Recently I was given a word from a very dear friend and well-respected leader in the Body of Christ. The word was: "I had learned about what compassion and mercy was, but the Lord was going to teach me about justice." It has been a prayer of mine for about a year for the Lord to show me what "justice" was. I believe justice is a hard concept for us to really understand.

My reason for saying this is that I believe at times, in the United States, we are insulated from acknowledging that injustice truly exists. But let me assure you it does in many forms. What I experienced in Cambodia and Thailand - seeing the abuse of children and women - made my heart cry out for justice. What I saw haunts me. I say to myself - "We have to do something! We can't just sit around with a fake version of Christianity that denies that we were put on this earth to bring the justice of God."

Psalms 89:14 reads, "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; lovingkindness and truth go before You." We can't call ourselves followers of Jesus and our Father's Kingdom and not seek to understand what justice is. I am not preaching at you, I am preaching at us! Maybe we can learn together! We have to do something about injustice in our world. It is foundational to the Kingdom of God whereby God's kindness and truth can be seen by humanity.

I found another awesome verse the other day that spoke to me about justice. Proverbs 28:5 says, "Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand all things." I love this verse because it says that all we have to do is seek God and we will understand justice.

I came up with my own definition of justice – it is "giving a voice to the voiceless and giving a choice to those who do not have choice". If we don't act on behalf of those suffering injustice, who will? I want to be and will be a person that understands what justice is, and will do my part to see acts of injustice stop. I will be a voice to those who do not have a voice. I will make choices in my life that will help give a choice to those who have no choice. Let's be a people of compassion, mercy and justice!

Dreamer's Park – Cambodia

We have set the dates set for for the trip to Poi Pet, Cambodia to build our second Dreamer's Park. The dates are May 6th-20th. Please pray about what your part is. We are praying for God to assemble the right team of men and women to travel to Poi Pet and help us build a Dreamer's park playground. We will build it on the Safe Haven School Campus, the home for 40 girls and boys that have been rescued from human trafficking and over 140 children from the near-by village go to school. It is going to be an amazing trip and experience. If you want an application packet, you can send an e-mail to our mission administrator at

All of us may not be able go, but all of us can do something. Here is what you can do:

  • You can Pray – as we move into this new area of the world, we need your prayers. Pray for wisdom and protection for our leadership team, for provision for Dreamer's Park and the operation of the ministry of Compassion Acts, and pray for the right team to build Dreamer's Park - Cambodia.
  • You Can Give – We are asking you to give towards the building of Dreamer's Park. Our budget for this project is $25,000 for building materials, playground equipment, and other expenses involved in the building process. You can go to our website at and give securely online or you can send donations by mail at our posted address on our website.
  • You Can Go – Please pray about going with us to build Dreamer' Park - Cambodia? We are praying for a team of 25 men and women to go and be a part of the building team. This would also be a great trip for college/young adults to participate in and see an amazing part of the world. We have assembled an application packet and can e-mail it to those who are interested. Please e-mail us at:, and request an application for the Cambodia trip.

Thank you for caring and giving to the cause of the poor and to those who have no choices!

Mark Roye
International Director of Compassion Acts

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Dreamers Park Cambodia


Mark Roye Shares Dreamers Park Cambodia

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You can Help Build the Dreamer's Park


Click to Play: The Value of a Child – By Patricia King

P. King

Patricia King sounds a compassionate trumpet for us in the area of rescuing children sold into the sex trade slavery industry. This message shows us scripture on the value of a child from Moses to Jesus and into our day, telling a first hand report of a young boy they bought out of slavery and now lives in a Christian children's home in Cambodia. This raw and piercing message will shake you to action!

Prayer Storm


With James Goll

This week in our Global Prayer Storm, we are going to pray for SAFE HOUSES! Let's lift up a cry to the Lord for justice and mercy to come for those caught in the sex trade slavery industry around the world. There are both young boys and girls who are sold for money to live a life they do not want to live – and to do acts they do not want to do. They are slaves! Let's end this modern day slavery with acts of kindness and rescue!

Let's lift a cry to the Lord - no matter what city or country you live in! Let's intercede this week for justice to come forth! Let's pray for more children and adults to be set free! Let's lift a cry to the Lord of the Harvest that SAFE HOUSES will be established that restore dignity, hope, purpose and destiny!

Please listen to this message by Patricia King on "The Value of a Child" and read the article by Mark Roye – then join in prayer globally! Call forth that the leaders of the slave trade rings will have an encounter with the real Jesus! Let hearts turn toward repentance! Let new SAFE HOUSES come forth across the globe for such a time as this!

On the Wall of Justice!

James W. Goll
the Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • Compassion Acts Team

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