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Tears at 5:41 PM

by Mark Roye on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 9:33 PM
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A View From My Chair Prayer Storm

Tears at 5:41 PM

with Mark Roye

Praying for a Global Explosion of Compassion

with Mark and Susie Roye

June 15th, 2011
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From the Desk of James W. Goll

Thank you for joining millions of believers around the world for the Global Day of Prayer this past week while celebrating the Feast of Pentecost. I trust our write-up was meaningful to you!

This week I am in Singapore ministering at a School of the Supernatural at Christ the Savior Church. I will return to the States on June 20th. Due to weather complications, I had several delays in my flight schedule. I had an unplanned night in Chicago and then one in San Francisco just to try to get to Singapore! So pray for me, as I now have to hit the street running and not had time to recover from jet lag!

This past week on Wednesday, I had a routine 6-month CT scan. My results were great and so I am rejoicing that I remain cancer free. I will give a Health Update soon, and explain some necessary steps I will be taking to rebuild my immune system.

This week we focus our weekly e-blast on the ministry of Compassion Acts. We attempt to do this once a month. So we have included a great new MP3 Audio message for you from Mark Roye from the recent Light Belongs in the Darkness Conference. We will pray for an Explosion of Compassion across the globe in Prayer Storm this week as well as special prayer for Mark Roye as its Director.

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Remember, together in Jesus, we make a great team!

James W. Goll

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Tears at 5:41 PM

with Mark Roye

Tears at 5:41pm – Joplin, MO.  Two Sundays ago, after cooking and serving over 2000 meals, we were happy to return earlier than usual to our host home here in Joplin.  We are staying with a very gracious retired couple, Mr. & Mrs. Fulton.  Our team decided to spend the evening together and take a break from all the cooking and serving.  Our days are usually 12- 14 hours, on our feet, cooking under tents in the hot humid weather of Joplin.   We were about to leave our host home when we heard music being playing from a radio; it was a memorial service for the people killed by the tornado in this community of 50,000, being broadcast at 5:41, the time the tornado struck one week earlier.  

The Fultons, our hosts, were listening to the service, and as I looked at them I could see the pain of loss, and the tears streaming down their faces.  A song written by a local musician was playing, and the lyrics spoke of the loss of life and the hope that only God could bring.  Mrs. Fulton looked almost embarrassed but soon the embarrassment turned to relief as her tears released some of the pain that was bottled up.  She looked at me and said, “This is the first time I’ve cried.”   

At the time the tornado hit, this kind-hearted couple had over 15 people and their pets in their basement taking shelter.  During the tornado they’d taken care of others, offering strength and security in that terrifying situation.  Now was a time for them to process their own pain.  All there was to do was sit down, and listen to their story of just what happened at 5:41 pm that Sunday evening a week ago.  

We offered comfort and love the best we could.  I have come to realize that words fall short in times like these.  What do you say to someone who’s suffered loss or whose loved ones have lost everything? What do you say to someone whose life has been spared but has lost someone they love?  I don’t know what to say.  All I have to give is an ear to hear their story and a hug that hopefully conveys the love of God.  

Truly, it is only God who can begin to ease the pain and bring some kind of meaning out of all the pain and destruction in Joplin.  Please pray for the people of Joplin, that the Holy Spirit would meet their needs of their present reality.
Thank you for your support and the trust you've placed in us, that allows us to minister to the people of Joplin, Missouri.

Mark Roye,
Blood ‘n Fire Ministries / Compassion Acts
San Antonio, TX

Click Here to listen Mark Roye's interview with NPR that was broadcast nationally on Tuesday. Mark's piece begins at the 1:40 marker.

Click Here to listen to the Interview

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New MP3 Audio Message by Mark Roye

God Multiples the Little Loaves - by Mark Roye

In this life message, Mark Roye, Director of Blood 'n Fire San Antonio and Compassion Acts, gives us encouragement to give all we have to the Lord – even our little things. When we do, we get to watch God move in our behalf and multiple it a hundred fold. Do you have some loaves and fishes? Give Him all you have and remember, “He who gives to the poor, God repays.”

Prayer Storm
Prayer Storm

Praying for a Global Explosion of Compassion

with Mark and Susie Roye

In this week’s Prayer Storm – we are going to prayer for the ministry of Compassion Acts that reaches out across the globe. Mark Roye, the new director, wears multiple hats, as we all often do. He, with his wife Susie, are the founders of Blood ‘n Fire San Antonio as well as direct the traffic of Compassion Acts. This week in our Global Prayer Storm we will pray directly for Compassion Acts and that there will be a explosion of Compassion Ministries birthed around the world.

We will also pray directly for Mark Roye this week as he has reconstructive surgery on his arm this Thursday. Mark and Susie are true champions and it is an honor to walk with them. Please read the following report and pray for for a complete recovery for Mark.  Please also pray to the Lord of the Harvest to raise up compassion ministers for Jesus Christ’s sake around the world. What the world needs now is love, sweet love!

James W. Goll

To our Dearest Friends and Family –

Mark arrived home from a long stay in Joplin Saturday evening, just in time to unpack, repack, and kick off our very busy summer season of inner city missions this coming weekend. He will return to Joplin in about 2 weeks, and will be going back and forth for awhile.  There seems to be a lot of people there drawing from his years of experience in disaster relief.  Anyway, he was unloading the trailer from Joplin, and picked it up (yes - the trailer - by the hitch) and something snapped in his arm.  He heard it, and felt it, and it was painful.  We managed to get an appointment Tuesday morning with The San Antonio Orthopedic Group.  Shortly before arrival, we discovered that they don't take BCBS, our insurance.  We went to the appointment anyway for a look and a diagnosis because these guys are supposed to be the best around.

At this point Mark is not in so much pain and even tries to convince me that he doesn't even need to go to the doctor, and it got tense folks!  We kept the appointment and also managed to salvage our marriage!  Two doctors and a bunch of x-rays later, we were told Mark had ripped the bicep tendon off the bone just above the elbow, and it won't fix itself.  He has the option of leaving it the way it is, but would not have full use of his arm.  Surgical results are usually very good, in fact this doctor has never had an unsuccessful result.  Wow! We are going into the busiest time of the year for us.... can the surgery wait? NO! We are told. To get a good result, the tendon needs to be reattached within two weeks of injury.  

Oh - how will we manage all of this activity - with Mark in a splint/sling and whatever else? Oh WAIT A MINUTE! The bigger issue is... these doctors - this practice - they don't take our insurance...  So back-up... Can they tell us who they would recommend we go to now?  Can I get on a computer and look up providers that do take our insurance?  Who are they... where are they?  And our deductible is way up there - a really big number… Oh well can't worry about that either.  No one is as good as the doctors in this practice, but we have no choice and just have to trust God!  Maybe, as a "good" Christian,  if I say that over and over I will feel better about all this.  But I will admit I was close to pushing my panic button.   Then, the head of the San Antonio Orthopedic Group comes in and talks to Mark. He is familiar with us, and knows Mark has been in Alabama, and then also in Joplin. In fact, his wife had become a friend of mine through "Moms in Touch" prayer group years ago.  

The doctor says they can schedule the surgery next Thursday, June 16, at 9 a.m., and informs us he has the best elbow doctor lined up, he has his favorite anesthesiologist lined up, the operating room is reserved, and has spoken with the group Administrator - and at his request - all services will be provided at NO COST.  He doesn't want us to have to go anywhere else.  Then he left the room. A nurse then came right in to talk about the specifics of the surgery.  I interrupted her and told her I'm not sure about what the doctor just said or what he meant.  She looked at me and said "this is not going to cost you anything, you don't have to pay for anything."  We were stunned, and we are still stunned - in awe.  

We walked out in the hall and stared at each other. Mark always goes back to Proverbs 19:17.  We are thankful and humbled.  And this Summer Mark Roye will learn to delegate like never before! Please be aware that he will not slow down, he will just do it all with one arm! There will be 5 days of laying low at home, then 6 more days of not getting sweaty, and on the 11th day the stitches come out and he gets some contraption that will be on his arm all Summer.  This will be followed by physical therapy and more contraptions on his arm - and in 6 months his bicep tendon will be good as new and he can pick up trailers again if he wants to!

What range of emotions, potential problems, stress, some nausea, and more, the start of this day brought us! Then, in an instant, God made everything so SIMPLE; we just sat there in that exam room, and in a matter of a few minutes God rolled out the whole plan through these people. We didn't even have to make any decisions - and certainly didn't have time to call a prayer meeting! He just showed up real BIG and real QUICK and real FAITHFUL… and made things real SIMPLE, with everything needed to take care of Mark.

Thanks for caring about us, and thanks for being our friend.
And thank you Father for all of this, for our friends, and reminding Mark and I that you are so BIG.
Mark & Susie Roye

Following is an update from Mark while he was in Joplin MO.

To our family & friends:

It's been a long and productive week.

  • There's never a shortage of people who need to talk, people who want prayer, and of course, people who want a freshly cooked hot meal.
  • Tuesday we moved our operations to partner with Crisis Response International (CRI) and their camp just on the edge of where the tornado hit. We are setting up our new base at First Community Church. 750 meals were served, just as quickly as we could get them cooked the first day we arrived at this site! We also were able to hear the stories and pray for the people. It was a great day. Things are shifting from the emergency response to the rebuilding phase. Not close to being over. It will be years till things are back to normal, what ever that will be.
  • Two exciting things happened: Tuesday Mark was interviewed by NPR (National Public Radio) and it aired that day! Wednesday Mark was interviewed by WOAI, the San Antonio NBC affiliate, and that aired on Thursday.
  • Going forward, if anyone asks you about what's needed, giftcards to Walmart or Lowes would be beneficial for most people as they begin to think about rebuilding.

With Love for Jesus and His People!

Mark and Susie Roye!

Mark's Photo Log From Joplin

Leaving Austin TX, destined for Joplin MO.
Our first look at Joplin MO.
Tree stripped of its branches
Cooking Pizzas in
the Holy Smoke smoker
Much clean up remains
a week after the storm
The Holy Smoke outdoor kitchen
product Neighborhoods wiped out.
No words can describe
Mark Roye, cooking on our "Holy Smoke" pit.
Hundreds of hungry souls served
product product
Mark and his crew preparing for a meal
Many grateful for all that is provided
Mark and his daughter, Ashley Roye

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Mark Roye

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