Ready, Set, GO!
By Mark Roye
Since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, we have been a part of responding to the needs of thousands of people. From our experience in working with the inner-city poor of San Antonio, we have developed great relationships with partners that work together to show the love of Jesus. Our primary focus is always to work with and through local churches in any given disaster zone. Our belief is that the local church is the best organization in any region to respond to the needs of their community. Compassion Acts wants to come alongside and bring in the needed resources to help aid to people in a time of need.
Feeding station set up soon after the tornado in Volina, Ala.
Feeding Station Set up
Soon After the Tornado
in Volina, Ala.

I have had so many conversations where people ask how we do what we do. The foundation of everything we do is finding relationships with churches and ministries that have a Kingdom perspective. I capitalize the "Kingdom", because it speaks of people that are interested in building the Kingdom of God. Many people are building what I call "little k" kingdoms. They are focused on having their name known or building their brand more than they are building the Kingdom of God. It is amazing to see how much can be accomplished when you work with people who don't care about getting credit. When we build the "Big K" Kingdom it is something that will last.



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Mark Roye



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