Surf's Up!
By Mark Roye

One of the greatest experiences of my Christian life took place in 1994. It was a time where on a personal level I was searching God for what my purpose was in life. Things had been going good, but I still felt I was searching to find out whom I was. During this period of history in the church an outpouring of Holy Spirit had broke out in Toronto in January of that year. In November a team of 20 of us from our church in Austin, Texas had made the journey to experience what God was doing. It was an experience that would lead me on a personal level of discovery.

One time during one of the ministry time, I had a vision where I saw myself in the inner city. I saw a warehouse, young people and a place full of the love of God. I called that vision, The Warehouse Vision. That experience was something that led me on a path of discovery that would end up taking years to fulfill. Sometimes when the Holy Spirit shows up and gives vision we think that it is going to happen fast, but the truth is that many times it can take a lot of time. It would be over 2 years before I would finally see the vision begin to unfold.

The vision I had began to align my wife Susie and I with new people that would bring me to a time of fulfillment. James and Michal Ann Goll became one of our closest relationships. James invited Susie and I to go to Atlanta to a place called Blood n Fire to speak at a conference. As we pulled up to the Blood n Fire building downtown Atlanta I looked up and saw in big letters, THE WAREHOUSE written on the building. It took me by surprise. Things were about to change.

At a lunch meeting with the leader of Blood n Fire Atlanta, David VanCronkhite, began to share with us about his revelation concerning the poor. That truth about the poor became a trigger that launched us in a totally new direction in our ministry. The Warehouse Vision was about to unfold. We came home to San Antonio, Texas, where we had moved and began our own chapter of Blood n Fire San Antonio.



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