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By Mark Roye

Mark RoyeOver the past 2½ years God has had me on a journey of learning “What Justice Looks Like.” For 14 years I have learned the power of Compassion and God’s heart for the poor. In January of 2011, I made my first trip to Cambodia and Thailand to begin my discovery of understanding justice for the most vulnerable. I had the great privilege of traveling with Patricia King and XP Mission to see first hand what human trafficking looks like. We visited slum communities and villages where traffickers target the poor and vulnerable for their prey. Due to the level of poverty there, the people are just trying to stay alive. The base problem of trafficking is poverty…

It is not just a spiritual issue it is an economical one. Due to the lack of education and opportunity, the hope of things changing is very slim. I love that so many people are becoming aware of the need to address this issue. Awareness is a beginning, but we must move to a place of action. It is a huge problem, but if we as Christians don’t stand for justice, who will?

CompassionI remember coming back and being in state of shock. It was so difficult to get my mind around it. First I could not understand how any human being could exploit children in the ways I saw. I won’t go into detail but it was the most disturbing things I have ever seen. On our tour, we also did outreaches in brothels and bars where prostitution was going on. In talking with the girls, we discovered that a young girl would make only $100 to $125 dollars a month. Most of the money was sent back to family. One day when I was back home, I was at a Starbucks getting a drink. I looked at the price of a medium size latte and saw that it cost around $3.45. The thought came me that that was what a girl would usually make for one day’s “work”. Is this what Justice looks like?

What Is Justice?



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