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Giving Through the Eyes of Jesus

By Mark Roye

Mark Roye As we approach the Christmas season I get so excited because it is a time where people are in an attitude of giving. I know it has been so commercialized but it is a time when we as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. God gave us the greatest gift of His son Jesus. When we receive that gift of Jesus it changes us from being takers and transforms us into givers. Giving is a natural expression of a person that is a follower of Jesus.

Do Small Things with Great LoveIn my 15 years of working with the poor in my community and in communities around the world, I have found that the poor are some of the most giving people I have ever met. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is in Luke 21:1-4. It tells a story of a day in the life of Jesus and His disciples. They had gone to the temple and were off to the side, Jesus watched as many people came in and were dropping their gifts in the collection box. First the rich came in giving their gifts. Then a widow woman came who was poor. I can imagine she probably came in last trying not to be seen. She didn't have the right clothes, probably smelled and didn't fit in at all with the others. After Jesus saw all this take place, He pulled His disciples off to the side to share His observation. He makes an awesome statement that I am sure really challenged his disciples. He tells them that the poor widow gave more that the rich.



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